How do I book Prodigy Hairdressing for my wedding party?

To book our team for your big day, you can email our coordinating team to inquire if your date is available - they will help you from there.

We require a deposit of 50% of the total amount of calculated services when we receive your signed contract. The contract is to ensure that we will be on-location or set up in salon on the morning of your wedding. If your wedding is 30 days or less away from the day of your contract signing date, payment in full is required.

All final contract payments are due within 30 days of the contracted wedding date.

How long do I have to sign and return the contract to book my date?

We require all contracts back within 48 hours of issuance. We will hold the date for these 48 hours, however if we do not receive both the signed contract and the deposit at the end of these 48 hours, the date will be made available for other parties. This does not mean that we cannot take care of you on your date, just that it is not reserved until both of these requirements are met. 

Can I make changes to my contract once it is signed?

If you would like to add services, we will do our best to accommodate them. Deletions of services once a contract is signed are not permitted, and no refunds are given for deleted services. A service can be replaced with another if necessary, as long as we are given sufficient notice. It is highly suggested that when booking, the number of services and persons receiving services is known for certain.

Why can’t I delete services and receive a refund? 

Brides book our services very far in advance - sometimes up to a year. We book our stylists for your wedding only and they are taken off of our booking calendar for your date. They are dedicated to you and your party and take no other weddings or work that day. Each stylist is assured a certain amount of services for every wedding which means deleting services is not permitted. 

What forms of payment do you accept for the deposit?

We accept Venmo and Credit Card payments. We require a Credit Card to be kept securely in our file at the time of signing the contract.

Do you accept separate payments from bridesmaids? 

We do not. As the booking party, all deposits and final balances are to be taken care of by you.

Do you travel? If so, how far?

At this time, Prodigy Hairdressing currently accommodates parties throughout Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. Travel fees do apply and are determined by mileage from our salon to your location.

Where does the preview take place, and are they required?  

All previews must take place in salon. We are located at 27 Western Avenue in Petaluma, CA. While not required, previews are strongly encouraged for all brides. 

What should I bring to my preview?

 Any images of hair and makeup you admire, images of your dress and accessories, and any cosmetics you prefer or insist on using for the big day. This may include a veil, any jewelry or hair pieces, or a lip color you would like to preview.

Feel free to include a member of your wedding party or relative in your preview, as a second opinion. We do ask that brides avoid bringing more than two people to their preview. It may crowd the stylist and too many opinions may be overwhelming to you both. To ensure your wants and needs are met, we allot an hour for each preview.

If you are wanting to preview multiple looks, please note that they will be charged separately and will take additional time. 

Will the stylist who does my preview be the stylist who takes care of me on the wedding day? 

Yes! In most instances the stylist who takes care of your preview will be the stylist on the day of your wedding. However, in case of emergencies or other conflicts, you may receive a different stylist. We are sure to take photos, careful notes, and records so any stylist can replicate the look completed during your preview. Keep in mind that we only replace your stylist under extreme circumstances. 

If I am happy with my preview what is the process for booking? 

If you haven’t booked already at the time of your preview, you will be put in touch with our coordinators to sign a contract and pay a deposit to reserve your date. 

Can my bridal party be accommodated on site? 

Depending on our availability, we are happy to accommodate parties both on site and in salon. 

What is the best way to handle gratuity? 

Gratuity is added to the cost of your services at 18%.

Do you work with wedding coordinators? 

We are happy to work with either coordinators OR brides, however for organization purposes, we ask that our correspondence be kept to one contact person.

How long does hair and makeup take on the wedding day? 

The average bridal party requires four to five hours, but varies on the number of the party.

Each party is unique! 

Do I receive a day of timeline? 

We will provide you with a beginning time based on the time you need to be ready by. Our stylists arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up. We often cannot send out exact timelines because the details more than likely have not been finalized and they take a bit of work to perfect.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

What kind of makeup do you use? 

We use professional grade cosmetics that are held to the highest standards. A bride’s makeup needs to be sweat, tear and smudge proof as well as camera ready. Each of our artists have personal preferences on their cosmetics of choice, but brands such as Morphe, Benefit, Tarte, and Bobbi Brown are staples in each of our kits. We would also be happy to apply any cosmetics that you personally own and prefer.

Additional Information and Fees: 

● Wedding dates that are not on a Saturday do require and additional fee. 

● Any persons requiring clip on extensions or hair drying the day of will require an additional fee and we must be informed of this ahead of time.

For any questions not answered here, contact one of our coordinators directly: 

Melanie - Lead Coordinator

Molly - Assistant Coordinator